This Life Has a Purpose

Buddhist teachings are all actually about the purpose of life. So what is the “purpose of life?” Well, first you have to know every human activity has a purpose behind it. We study in order to get a job. We work in order to earn money. We need money to live. Why then do we live? 

Everyone instinctively knows that human life is a very, very special gift. Yet we spend most of our entire lives figuring out just what to do with it. So how then do we justify that life has such a great value?

Are all lives worth the same? What about those people who are on life support? Why if we are struggling to survive and completely miserable should we not just give up and commit suicide?

We can’t be truly happy until we have attained our real purpose in life. Without purpose that adds meaning to our lives, we’re left feeling desperate and hopelessly lost.  But in the back of your mind you still might be thinking, “You know, not all activities in life have to have purpose…” Buddhism delivers a clear answer to this question through listening to the teachings

Why Do We Live?

You Were Born for a Reason
The Real Purpose of Life

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 1.33.34 PM-3“Today in countries around the world, people enjoy wealth and comfort unheard of in centuries past. Medical and scientific advances mean that we live longer and have greater ability to change and control our environment to suit our needs. But have these advances brought greater happiness? Modern society is plagued with ills such as violence in its many forms, including tyranny, terrorism, murder, and suicide. Real answers to these problems continue to elude us.

Our advances may have made us richer, but they have not done anything to ensure our happiness or provide us with a sense of abiding meaningfulness. In fact, modern life often seems only to bring more acute feelings of isolation, loneliness, and emptiness.

When our purpose is clear only then can we move into action with all our might for the first time.”

-Excerpt from the introduction of You Were Born for a Reason

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